Examples of known problems with WFC3 source lists.

Here are some issues with the HLA WFC3 products that have lead to spurious detections in the DAOphot and SExtractor source lists.

New in DR7 In DR7.2, most of these effects are well idenitifed, and affected detections have been marked by the flagging algorithm, and excluded in the trimmed source lists. There are cases in which an unsatisfactory number of image artifacts (or related problems) are missed by the flagging algorithm. For those cases, the vetting process eliminates the trimmed lists all together.

Problem 1. Very high source density in DAOPhot

Problem 2. SExtractor detections of spurious sources near edge of valid data.

Problem 3. DAOPhot detections of spurious sources in regions of higher noise.

Problem 4. DAOPhot detections of clouds of spurious objects near bright sources (especially stars).

Problem 5. SExtractor sources near bright stars and/or on diffractions pikes.

Problem 6. DAOPhot detection of spurious sources on bad pixels/artifacts.